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I am not traveling anywhere for a while but I have some cute swimsuits! Checking the leg progress this morning. 7-18-14 Leg Day yesterday! I think things are holding up! :D xo -Amy
PS excuse my hair.. it was morning. LOL
Feeling a little blue in my pink pants today. 
Heading to the pool to get some sun :) xo -Amy 7-14-14
Girl you know it’s true! Sweat is Sexy! Get your sexy tank here! 
Cause pink rules! 
It is hard to find time for fitness and family. Let me help you find balance in your busy life. xo -Amy Chisholm, Author of "Six Months to Sexy Legs"
Waiting for a taxi - Las Vegas 2014
June 24, 2014 
I don’t know if you can tell from a crappy cell picture I have this defined waistline that cuts in under my ribs. I am almost positive this new tightness is from doing the sled drags and pulls. Either way. I like it. :) xo -Amy
Just a friendly reminding from your personal trainer… Dream Big 
Love you guys -xo Amy
Just laying here thinking about doing sled drags and pushes. My hip hop dance class is canceled. 
What are sled drags and pushes Amy? Here ya go. Click Here for examples
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I know your skeerd


I know your skeerd

Thank you for the amazing reviews on my book! Six Months to Sexy Legs 
I love you! xo -Amy Chisholm 
Another shot from our suite at the Bellagio :D xo -Amy